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10463696_748787768517198_2949511822830716436_o-239x300James Timothy White was born with the spirit of the American dream; he had an inner entrepreneurial fire which drove him to start his first successful business at the age of 12.

In the fall of 1997, James founded his first company, a landscape and snow removal company which he grew into a multi-million dollar corporate structure. In 2005, he sold the business and set out to pursue a promising new venture in finance. Creative juices flowing and eager to succeed, 23 year-old James became the CEO of the largest debt management company in Canada with several hundred investors. Soon, failure came knocking at his door. It was a critical and devastating failure which led to the discovery of some of the greatest wisdom an entrepreneur can learn and contributed to his greatest successes.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, he picked himself up from bankruptcy and talked his family into investing in his next venture which led him to become the world’s youngest CEO of a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

This accomplishment was then followed by countless others including the founding and later sale of a Luxembourg grantor trust company, a variety of real estate projects, and several successful service businesses ranging from corporate services to reputation management.

Since publishing his first book in 2007, James has distributed more than 670,000 books globally, is widely recognized as “North America’s Small Business Expert,” and is involved in various small business-related projects in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

James is a entrepreneur, licensed real estate and business broker located in Melbourne, Florida  and also provides business consulting services with small business owners globally on all aspects of starting, running and selling a business.  James understands the challenges that fellow business owners face every day, which is why he has made it his mission to save families from indentured servitude–beginning with the publication of a series of books with insightful, reliable, and valuable information to assist and inspire small business owners along the way to their ultimate success.

When you work with James you will automatically enhance your success rate, just check out how many people below have endorsed his skills.


272Start Ups
392M & A, VC & Investments
409Sales, Marketing & Advertising


/How Can James Help You?

As an experienced entrepreneur, business broker, and consultant, James will be your most trusted adviser and your most valuable investment. Having experienced first-hand the full-spectrum of entrepreneurship from starting a business, operating a company, marketing a brand, raising capital, public offerings, selling a company, developing exit-strategies, and everything in-between his versatility and big-picture understanding of how every piece of a strategy will fit together makes him the only choice to provide any of these services:


James is a licensed real estate agent and business broker. Having bought and sold hundreds of businesses throughout his life James can give you advice on improving the attractiveness of your business to potential buyers and investors in addition to marketing your business through his personal network of hundreds of investors and the most effective channels for business sales.


Experienced in just about every path your company can take from bankruptcy to public offerings, as your personal and corporate consultant James can work with you to implement new processes and procedures, become compliant with all applicable regulations, modify your corporate structure when appropriate, grow your business, downsize your business, and assist with succession planning.


As a business owner and investor himself, James can recognize potential in a business and critical deficiencies in a business quickly. Whether you need advice from a fellow entrepreneur on which direction to take your idea, project, or business or if you need a champion for your business don’t be afraid to reach out to James White so he can work with you to achieve all of your business goals.


John Lundberg

James and I met in 2007 when he was just 23 years old and at that time he had experienced a significant business reversal. However, that did not stop James from pursuing the American Dream, he took responsibility as any great entrepreneur should, picked up his pants and started his next venture.  What impresses me about James is his energy and flexibility to get things done. In seven or so years since I have known James he has impressed me on his ability to find opportunities where others don’t see it and make significant amounts of money for him and his clients.

Joe Heller

James is one of the most brilliant investors I have ever met. I am always amazed at how he can look at an investment opportunity, assess it and make money from it. Because of his unique gift when I need to discuss investing in property or simply evaluating an investment opportunity I always call James.

Trevor Sokira

James and I have worked on many projects together over the last 4 years. He has a great wealth of business knowledge and is extremely professional. James is also extremely resourceful and he understands the needs of SMB’s. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks James.

Kevin C. Morris

James White is not only a reliable and responsible colleague but also an inspiring perfectionist. James White was a very productive person. Strong and open minded co-worker that cannot be overestimated. Creative professional. Always takes care of the job.

JP Fernandes, ESQ

James has a creative financial mind that has made him wise beyond his years. Moreover, he is an excellent marketer and can promote almost anything.

Suzanne (Slater) Haughwout

James is a fresh new face in the Brevard County Real Estate community, you may wonder how James became uber successful at such a young age but once you have met James it is easy to why. James’ out-side-of-the-box approach to business brings a new perspective to how to market and self-promote. He never sees challenges just opportunities, he is always driven to begin the next new project but isn’t afraid to ask questions and learn from others along the way. I think very highly of James as well as enjoying working along side him.

Jacob Elyachar

James is one of the most charismatic and hard working individuals I have ever interviewed. He is one of the premier business leaders in North America and has conquered numerous fields such as consulting, entrepreneurship and real estate. He will be a great asset to your life.

Chris Limperatos

Wow! James is one of the best business consultants I have ever had the opportunity to meet. He is full of information and motivates me to do better for myself every day. I hired him in June of 2014 and in less than a month I can already see my sales are going way up!


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