10463696_748787768517198_2949511822830716436_o-239x300Hello, my name is James Timothy White and I was born with the spirit of the American dream; I have an inner entrepreneurial fire which drove me to start my first successful business at the age of 12 which is still operated by my family today.

In the fall of 1997, I  founded my first company, a landscape and snow removal company which he grew into a multi-million dollar corporate structure. In 2005, I sold the business and set out to pursue a promising new venture in finance. Creative juices flowing and eager to succeed, at 23-year-old I became the CEO of the largest debt management company in Canada with several hundred investors. Soon, failure came knocking at my doorstep. It was a critical and devastating failure which led to the discovery of some of the greatest wisdom an entrepreneur can learn and contribute to my greatest successes.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, I picked himself up from bankruptcy and talked my family into investing in my next venture which led me to become the world’s youngest CEO of a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

This accomplishment was then followed by countless others including the founding and later sale of a Luxembourg grantor trust company, a variety of real estate projects, and several successful service businesses ranging from corporate services to reputation management.

Today, my main focus is being an entrepreneur, licensed real estate broker and managing my own investments which are located in Orlando and Melbourne, Florida, and when I feel passionate about an idea and have free time, I offer my advice to other small business owners on all aspects of starting, running and selling a business. As a business owner who has started, sold and even gone bankrupt, I understand the challenges that fellow business owners face every day.

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